Tech Talk: How Drones Are Changing Construction Sites Worldwide

Tech Talk: How Drones Are Changing Construction Sites Worldwide

The popularity of drones continues to rise with more people purchasing and operating them both for personal and professional reasons. One professional field to see the value of drones is the construction industry. Here are four ways drones are changing construction sites worldwide.

Improved efficiency and communication

Drones have the ability to easily access different areas of a worksite without needing a human to accompany them. This means you can navigate the equipment wherever your team is working. By mounting a camera to the drone, you can keep tabs on what’s happening. Because of this ability to collect data in the moment from the construction site, managers are noticing an increase in efficiency. Workflow can be monitored all day, every day. In addition to promoting increased efficiency, workflow monitoring captures accurate data for use in updating investors and evaluating progress against timelines.

Land surveys

Drones can survey potential sites more quickly and cost effectively than people. The resulting data is more abundant and less subject to error than land surveys conducted by humans.

Safer transportation

Drones can do more than just provide a view of the construction site; they can provide practical assistance by transporting materials around the worksite quickly and safely.

Faster inspections

When you need to investigate part of a project, a drone can get there faster and provide better, more accurate data. While they won’t necessarily replace the benefit of experts examining the issue, drones can provide a first look to start the troubleshooting process.

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