Game Changer – How Tradespeople Can Find Opportunities in a Post-COVID World

The months of the COVID pandemic may have set your career in the trade industry back due to diminishing opportunities and closures. With more discussions about reopening safely, the opportunity for tradespeople to get back in the game again is here. But, as with everything related to COVID, nothing remains the same. Here are some tips to help you find opportunities in a post-COVID world.

Remember, there are still limitations.

The reopening plans are a step forward; however, nothing is back to how it was before COVID-19. There are safety considerations to implement and risk factors to determine, such as whether specific projects are essential. Because of this, you should manage your expectations during the search process. There are opportunities, but you need to know where to look.

While industries hiring and looking to expand, not all industries have openings. Take time to research the best fields for growth and compare your skills and trade training to what is available. Apply for openings where you are qualified, even if it is an area you have not considered before.

Use your time to the fullest

Capitalize on downtime by taking every opportunity to grow in your field. Take some time to research your specific trade and learn more about innovations and happenings in the field. Practice your trade consistently and even consider online training and certifications to increase your knowledge and help you stand out when applying for new opportunities.

Make the most of your interview.

After you have found a job you are interested in and applied, you will, hopefully, schedule an interview. Interviewing from home may be a strange concept, but there are simple steps to consider in your preparation. First, make sure your setup is in a quiet, distraction-free zone. Set your device on a stable surface and practice using your prospective employer’s preferred software for the call. Test your video, audio, and angle, so you are centered on the screen and can be heard when you answer their call. The rest of the interview preparation process, including attire and research, is the same for a virtual interview as for an in-person interview.

Find the right skilled labor opportunity today!

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