Proceed With Caution but Proceed Anyway – The Optimistic Outlook for 2021

Near the end of last year, construction industry experts predicted a slowdown in new construction starts in 2021. Fortunately, things are not turning out as expected, and the construction industry continues to move forward. However, the lack of skilled construction workers remains an issue. Because there are not enough experienced professionals taking the place of those who retire, many construction jobs remain unfilled. The good news is if you are looking for work in the industry, you should be able to secure a position.

Find out why the outlook for the construction industry is optimistic and how this can benefit you.

The Coronavirus Created Construction Opportunities

The spread of the coronavirus opened up many construction opportunities going into 2021. For instance, because people learned that the way they were occupying buildings often caused the virus to spread, leaders had to rethink how they wanted their workspaces organized. This created a need to remodel office buildings. Also, because millions of employees transitioned from working on-site to working from home, many homeowners realized they needed to separate their workspace from their living space. This created a need to remodel houses. Skilled construction workers are needed to fill these demands.

Construction Jobs Continue to Grow

The need for construction workers is on the rise. One reason is that historically low-interest rates have increased the demand for single-family homes. Because housing inventory is low in some areas and costs are increasing, many people are opting to build a home rather than buy a preexisting one. Also, many building owners have been modernizing their structures while employees work from home. Additionally, nonresidential construction remains stable because of the backlog going into the pandemic, and construction was declared an essential industry. These factors contribute to the increasing need for construction workers.

There Is a Construction Industry Labor Shortage

The number of trained professionals in construction fields continues to decrease. With a significant number of employees retiring after investing decades in the industry, not enough workers are taking their place. This is a huge problem in states that require licensing for specialty trades. The decreasing pool of skilled workers and increasing demand for construction and infrastructure repair and development create opportunities for you to secure a well-paying job right now.

Find a Construction Job

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