Many skilled trades lack enough workers to fill labor demands. With increasing numbers of experienced professionals retiring, fewer skilled tradespeople are replacing them. Because of this skills gap, training and upskilling are more critical now than ever. As a skilled trades employer, you need to offer your workforce the programs and opportunities needed to develop the skills to complete your projects.

Choose among these three methods to effectively increase the skill sets of your tradespeople.

1. Offer Apprenticeships

Apprenticeships allow workers to gain the education and experience needed to succeed in a skilled trade. Combining classroom instruction with hands-on training under the supervision of journey-level tradespeople provides the foundation for a long-term career. Jobsite safety, building codes, OSHA regulations, and technical documentation and blueprints are among the knowledge and skills gained. Other hard skills can be taught through guided instruction. Soft skills such as communication, teamwork, and work ethic are developed as well.

2. Use Technology

Customized technology can identify which of your tradespeople require training and development to enhance their skill set. Having real-time access to this data improves overall operations from the office to the field. For instance, the technology can show project managers which workers need retraining or upskilling in certain areas to complete tasks. This technology also shows the certifications that workers possess and potential gaps in other areas that require certification. Additionally, the technology can analyze which workers logged specific amounts of time in a certain area to determine whether they should upskill in related areas of work. Plus, it can match workers’ skills and requirements to tasks and activities, track their training progress, and add custom skills or tags to workers.

3. Partner with a Staffing Agency

Work with a recruiter from a staffing agency that specializes in your trade. You gain skilled temporary, contract, or permanent staff. Because the workers are thoroughly vetted and trained, they are ready to hit the ground running!

Work with Trade Management

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