Important Things To Know When Becoming An Electrician

Electricity is an essential part of virtually every area of life. As a result, electricians always are in demand.

Becoming an electrician sets the foundation for a rewarding career. The ongoing need for electricity, especially in construction, provides seemingly endless professional opportunities.

The following are important things to know when becoming an electrician.

Becoming An Electrician Requires Years Of Training And Experience

Becoming an electrician starts with being an electrical apprentice. This involves going to school and learning from a master electrician for four years.

You need approximately 2,000 hours of hands-on training to become an electrician. Then, you can begin working independently.

You Likely Need to Become Licensed

Many states require licensing to work as an electrician. This means enrolling in a class, gaining on-the-job training, and taking an exam to earn a license.

You Must Choose An Area Of Expertise

The focus of your electrical apprenticeship may be on commercial or residential work. A commercial electrician works in offices or buildings. A residential electrician works in home construction and maintenance.

You may become an industrial technician or a lineman. An industrial technician works in factories, data centers, or other large facilities. A lineman brings electricity from the electrical plant’s public lines to the outside contact of the home or building.

Working As An Electrician Can Be Dangerous

Being an electrician involves working with high-power electrical equipment. As a result, shock hazards and arc flash hazards create risks of burns or electrocution.

Other common hazards from working in elevated locations include:

  • Slips
  • Trips
  • Falls
  • Lacerations from sharp edges or tools
  • Pinch and nip points from rotating equipment

You must be ready to work in the rain, snow, heat, or cold. Dressing in personal protective equipment (PPE) that is appropriate for the weather and work conditions is essential.

Examples of PPE include:

  • Nonconductive hardhat
  • Arc-rated hood
  • Balaclava
  • Face shield
  • Nonconductive safety glasses or goggles
  • Arc-rated, natural fiber long-sleeve shirts, pants, jackets, coats, overalls, or coveralls
  • Hearing-protective inserts
  • Rubber-insulated gloves
  • Leather-protected sleeves
  • Leather electrical hazard-rated footwear

You Can Earn a Competitive Income

Engaging in an electrical apprenticeship involves earning an hourly wage for your training as you go to school. After you complete your apprenticeship, you can secure a full-time job with higher wages or salary.

An electrician’s income depends on skills, experience, location, area of expertise, and other factors. Your income can increase as you gain experience. Becoming a master electrician also helps grow your income.

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How To Effectively Manage Employees Who Have More Tenure Than You

Effectively managing employees who have more tenure than you can be challenging. They may be more focused on your limited experience with the organization than how you can help them achieve their goals.

The employees you manage might have preconceived notions about your competence or ability to lead. This impacts the level of trust between you and your team.

As a result, you must demonstrate your ability to coach your team, provide guidance, and navigate forward. The following suggestions can help.

Implement these tips to effectively manage employees who have more tenure than you.

Talk With Your Employees

Schedule time to talk with each employee about their daily routine, challenges, and feedback on the department. Show you want to collaborate with your team to make decisions.

Employees who have more tenure than you typically know things about the company that you do not. Therefore, asking for their input helps effectively manage them.

Your employees have different skills and more experience with the organization than you do. Use these advantages to work together to reach company goals.

Confidently Make Decisions

Express confidence in making business decisions. This shows your team you are highly competent in your role.

Include your employees in as many discussions as possible. Show that their knowledge and input are valued and appreciated. This promotes feelings of authority and respect.

Promote Learning

Encourage your employees to prioritize learning. This helps them advance within the organization. Your employees will appreciate your support for moving forward in their careers.

Accept Responsibility

Admit when you make a mistake. Determine what went wrong. Learn how to do better next time.

Leading by example sets the standard for your employees. It models the behaviors you want to see from them.

Support Your Employees’ Success

Clarify your expectations for your employees. Provide the resources needed to perform the work. Hold your team accountable for their results.

Acknowledge your employees’ knowledge and abilities. Ask how you can help your team better perform their work. Respond accordingly.

Publicly acknowledge your employees’ successes. Privately provide constructive feedback to improve performance.

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