Have you considered your safety procedures for getting back to work? Now that more projects are restarting, tradesmen around the country are returning to worksites. Getting back to work is great but maintaining the proper safety policies is imperative in order to keep your business running and your team healthy. Here are a few safety tips for the worksite.

Stay home if you’re sick

Not coming to work due to illness may be a foreign concept to some, but never has it been more important than now. Make sure your fellow tradesmen on the job understand that it’s not a question, but a directive, as they have has the potential to infect the whole crew. Because people may be hesitant to use their leave, remind them of policies established by the government providing time off for COVID as well as any company-specific time off policies.

Start each shift by screening temperatures.

The first thing your workers should do when arriving on-site is to have their contactless temperature recorded. Establish a maximum temperature and turn away anyone who doesn’t fall under the maximum. With temperature being such a common symptom, you can’t risk an employee bringing their germs around everyone else.

Provide hand sanitizer or handwashing stations

Depending on where you’re working, you may not have access to a full sink, but make sure there is plenty of hand sanitizer and that it is being used. Hang signs with proper procedures and reinforce the necessity to keep surfaces clean.

Decide the necessary PPE.

Your personal protective equipment (PPE) was valuable to you at work long before COVID, but now it serves a dual purpose. Make sure your team is following the physical safety guidelines for the site as well as keeping the proper masks on, especially when social distancing cannot be maintained.

Remind workers about proper respiratory practices

Every sneeze and cough aren’t indications of the virus but can be a contributing factor in spreading the virus. Make sure your team knows to cough and sneeze into their elbows instead of into their hands. While the mask creates a barrier, you don’t want the employee to somehow get germs on their hands and then spread them to surfaces used by others.

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