In the months since the pandemic began, job sites have changed dramatically for tradesmen. Both safety measures and changes in the economy have altered the industry, meaning construction workers are returning to the job to find a much different world than they left. As your sites begin reopening, here are five changes your company may notice and implement.

1. Additional health and safety measures

Additional health and safety measures are a logical change, considering everything that is going on around the world. To keep teams safe, precautions are being taken at job sites to make sure they are clean. Measures may include checking temperatures, sanitizing all equipment, and adjusting shifts to have fewer people on site at the same time. Masks, gloves, and additional hand sanitizing options will also be seen more frequently.

2. Video calls when possible

Project planning meetings with clients and team members will likely remain virtual for some time. As with most industries, anything that can be done remotely is shifting that way, meaning even construction meetings will look different than before. In some situations, virtual tours of sites are also being done.

3. Shift in projects

Project demand will increase by industry and by type of project. Certain project types will likely be in high demand such as converting offices from open concept to traditional as a safety measure. The medical and healthcare industries will likely see an increase in demand for construction projects as well. Even as states begin to reopen, certain businesses remain closed or are not looking to renovate or move until they are beyond the pandemic. Office projects may grow as those with more open concepts need to readjust to meet safety procedures. As people continue to order online versus shopping in person, warehouse and distribution projects are likely to be in demand as well.

4. Offices remaining remote

Even with workers back on site, the office and administrative employees will likely continue to telework. Especially with the goal of keeping people on site low, having these team members at home allows the job to continue with the maximum number of workers possible. Fortunately, technology makes staying connected easier than ever.

5. Increase in project time

Under the current circumstances, projects will take more time. With social distancing in place and both projects and shifts more staggered, the speed of completion will be slowed. Workers will continue to do their best, but the reality is things are different now. Old timelines will need to be updated to reflect current conditions.

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