Graduating high school leads you to a forked road with several options, including a traditional, four-year degree, learning a trade, or trying to find work based on your current level of education. You know college isn’t the right choice for you and you don’t know very much about the process of learning a trade, so you opt for work that meets you at your current skill or educational level.

If this is you and you’re dissatisfied with your minimum-wage-level position, we have information for you about the benefits of exploring a new trade.


Get an education in less time for less money

While a four-year college can cost you more than $100,000, learning a trade costs less than a third and in as little as half the time. You’ll develop new, valuable skills without spending more time and money. Graduate sooner with the hands-on experience necessary to succeed!


Work opportunities available

One of the biggest challenges facing traditional graduates is finding a job. With more people opting to attend college, tradespeople are in short supply. In fact, more are retiring from the workforce than joining, meaning there are many open positions.

With a trade degree, you can expect to find a position quickly. In fact, 40% of projected job growth in the United States will fall to middle-skill jobs, or tradespeople.


Be compensated well

One of the biggest arguments for college is that it guarantees your later success, meaning you can pay for the expense of attending. While it’s true that the pay ceiling is higher for those with four-year degrees, the average tradesperson makes more than the average college graduate.

When you enter a trade program, you’re advancing your education and helping to fill gaps in the workplace with your knowledge and expertise. Not only will you likely experience financial success, you’ll feel good about the work that you do.


Get placed today

If you’ve spent your career working a trade or are a recent graduate from a trade program, trust Trade Management to help you get placed today. We have offices around the DFW area to help match you with the right opportunity. Register today and begin your career!

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