Rebuilding Your Workforce – The Benefit of Hiring Contingent Labor

With new safety procedures required for companies to reopen, it is time to get back to work; however, that might mean rebuilding your current team. When determining how to hire, you must understand the uncertainty surrounding current projects and the potential for plans to change. The solution may be finding workers on a contract basis. Consider these benefits of hiring contingent labor.    

Get the workers you need faster   

You are trying to make wise decisions, but you do not want a long process in making them. After evaluating the scope of the project, you know the tradespeople required and want to onboard them as soon as possible. Typically, this would begin an exhaustive search for permanent hires, but with contingent, you can focus on the skills that matter and recruit workers fast. With the assistance of a staffing agency, you can locate these individuals and get the project started faster.    

Hire for specific skills  

Another benefit of contingent labor is the skillsets workers bring to the table. You are looking at their specific abilities to do one specific job, or maybe several tasks related to your project. You can focus your search on what you precisely need.    

Opportunity for permanent hire   

You set the terms of how long you need the candidate for, and you can offer a contract-to-hiroption if desired. This means you are only looking for a tradesperson for a set amount of time, but there is the potential for a more long-term relationship should the opportunity be there.    

Help from niche staffing agencies   

Previously, the benefit of a faster hire was mentioned, and a staffing agency is the best way to do it. Most agencies focus on an industry to better understand the needs of their clients. When sourcing, they are constantly looking for the top workers who are able to meet a wide variety of needs 

We can help you with your trade staffing needs 

Trade Management exists for this reason. We know you need time to focus on what makes you profitable: building and bidding, so we take care of the rest. We continually source and screen the quality personnel needed for today’s skilled trade and construction workforce. Want to learn more about how we can help you?  Contact Trade Management today!